Consolidation Loan – My mother was in debt and I had no idea


“My mother has always been active, attentive to education, and worked as a doctor,” says Hana and continues: “At first she enjoyed her retirement. Finally she had time for reading and concerts. ” for clarification

But Hannah’s mother soon began to have problems with her hips and so she had to limit her trips to culture. All the more she read and learned to control the computer . “But after some time she started to complain that her memory was getting worse, she was still tired and was generally depressed,” Hana says.

She wanted to prove she still understood contracts

The family encouraged her grandmother and often visited her. During one of her visits, Hana noticed an invoice for a phone with an unknown operator logo. “I asked what it was and there was an explosion of emotion. My mother felt I was controlling her and was very offended. He is still able to judge what is advantageous , ”says Hana. It turned out that her mother changed operator based on a phone offer.

“I never thought I’d have to warn my mother about the dangers of such steps. Not so long ago we were joking about pot shows , ”says sadly Hana.

It was just the tip of the iceberg

On her next visit, her mother asked Hana to remove the files from her closet because she wanted to include new documents. Hana wondered what the contracts were and found that her mother had taken out new home insurance . “I insisted that I wanted to see the contract,” Hana explains, saying that she already had a bad idea.

Unfortunately, it was confirmed. The merchant who had come to Hanna’s mother to the apartment promised the mines, but there was something else in the disadvantageous contract. “I was horrified to realize that the two treaties I have seen so far can only be the tip of the iceberg,” recalls Hana.

This fear also proved true. “I’ve run out of patience. I forced my mother to bring all the contracts she had made in recent months, ”recalls Hana,“ when I saw them, I wondered one question – what does that mean? ”

She was repaying the loan with a loan

Hana found the answer to her question between the treaties. I found two loans. The first was closed by Mina’s mother with us, but as she bought other things, her money was not enough. She, therefore, took a second loan with another company.

“Mommy was slow to repay and understood that she had to swallow her pride and get help,” says Hana. She and her mother had gone through all the contracts and expelled part of them. “Obviously, the loans could not be canceled, so I wanted to pay them off for my mother,” he adds.

Here again, she met her mother’s pride, who did not want to allow her to pay for everything but eventually agreed on a compromise. “I paid at least a disadvantageous loan from a usurer and we changed the installments at Gollum. My mother is now paying CZK 2,000 a month, which she can do with her retirement. At the same time, it sees this as a reminder that it already has a commitment and must not go into debt. ”